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What is this blog about?

My Chinese genealogy adventures (of course). Resources I like, lessons I am learning, and appreciating our collective roots along the way.

It took me a while to understand and appreciate my maternal family’s amazing and rich history as Chinese and Chinese Americans, and it was almost too late when I finally started digging in to it. I’ll share how I did it, who helped me, and what I’m working on to dig further in to my and other folks’ family histories.

Who am I? I’m Christine. I’m a Hoisanese Chinese American woman, daughter, wife, and mother, who also happens to be half Caucasian. I’ve been doing family history research for approximately fifteen years and have developed a love and passion for sharing my work.

My personal family tree currently lives HERE


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  1. I am interested in researching the Irish side of our family and am in need of some help. Is this something that you might be intrested in or do you know someone that might be interested?

    Thank you so much for your assistance!

    • christinedevillier

      Hi Maureene,
      That is great that you are looking at researching your Irish side! I am not a specialist in Irish research, and I would suggest that you start with, often available for free at local library computers. Additionally, look for Irish genealogy interest groups and forums for specific Irish-related knowledge. As with all genealogy research, it is imperative to learn the historical chains of events that unfolded over the course of your family’s history, and how public and political events impacted everyday lives, and caused migration. Best of luck to you!

  2. Thank you so much for your insight. Do you know where I would look for Irish geneology inerest groups and forums? I have been exploring the Ancestry site but the Irish information is sketchy at best. I’m hoping that I might be able to find someone that may be able to help me in either of the interest groups or forums. If you have any further suggestions, I would really appreciate it.

    • christinedevillier

      Hi Maureene, should be used as a repository resource, not necessarily a genealogical guideline for research or population-specific research. The internet is huge and it is up to you to find a genealogy forum, resource or other website that is suitable to your level of comfort in genealogy. By simply googling “Irish genealogy”, many resources come up. The first is the Irish government’s own page dedicated to Irish genealogy, which is great if you want to find Irish records from Ireland. If you are not that far in to it yet, and need to find records from the U.S., use and FamilySearch also has wikis and guides for various research specialties. Next, google “Irish American genealogy” for information in the U.S. about how to research Irish American populations, and to find groups of people who share your interest. Finally, please take advantage of your local library! There are often many books that are dedicated to population-specific genealogy research, and you can check them out for free. Alternately, look on for Irish genealogy books as well. If you want to find your ancestors arriving on boats, assuming you have researched far back enough to determine your immigrant ancestors’ names and dates of arrival, look them up on or Castle Garden was the first official immigration station, receiving immigrants 1855 to 1890, before the days of Ellis Island. Do not rule out land entry from the Canadian border as well. Also, local genealogy societies in your area may have special interest groups that meet regularly to discuss their particular genealogy research focus areas. Such is true for the local California Genealogical Society not far from my home in Oakland, California. They have many groups that meet and focus on specific populations.
      Best of luck to you in your research!

  3. Thank you so much!! You have information that will help me find my ancestors.


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