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Genealogy toolbox

My full length Chinese American Genealogy Toolkit lecture is available for download as a PowerPoint presentation HERE.

These are my go-to resources for Chinese genealogy on the net, updated as I find more:

  • Siyi Forum: These people are wonderful! They are gracious, knowledgeable, and generous in their willingness to try to answer any Chinese genealogy questions you need help with!
  • LDS catalog of 族譜 zupu and 家譜 jiapu (non-digital holdings). You might be shocked at how many Asian genealogies LDS has. This is treasure.
  • great for finding passenger lists, naturalization information, census records, and a bazillion other genealogical gems (tip: access for free at many public libraries)
  • free searches for various state and Social Security death records. Some searches will yield mother’s maiden names. UPDATE: SSDI is getting quite a trim due to new verification rules…
  • okay I am partial to this site since I helped put it together, but it is dynamic and personal, a collection of data and reflections of “Rooting”, or making the pilgrimage to ancestral villages of Guangdong. Inspiring.
  • Historic maps of China
  • because I am not a native Chinese reader nor writer, this helps tremendously

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I am ABC and have been trying to persuade my 82 yo brother to do a roots trip with me. He has had no interest but is slowly melting – if I promise good hotels.


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